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Valvular Heart Disease Notes

This is a sample of our (approximately) 4 page long Valvular Heart Disease notes, which we sell as part of the Clinical Cardiology Notes collection, a 2:1 package written at Bristol University in 2014 that contains (approximately) 39 pages of notes across 18 different documents.

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Valvular Heart Disease Revision

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Mitral stenosis
 Causes
  Rheumatic (COMMONEST)
  Congenital
  Mucopolysaccharidoses (metabolic disorders= absence of enzymes)
  Endocardial fibroelastoses
  Prosthetic valve
 Presentation (symptomatic when orifice 4mmHG) o Open mitral valvotomy/commissurotomy o Valve replacement
 Complications
  Pulmonary hypertension
  Emboli Mitral regurgitation
 Causes
  Functional (LV dilatation)
  Annular calc.
  Rheumatic fever
  IE
  MV prolapse
  Ruptured cordae tendinae
  Papillary muscle dysfunction/rupture
  CTDs
  Cardiomyopathy
  Congenital
  Appetite suppressants

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