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Bipolar Affective Disorder Notes

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This is an extract of our Bipolar Affective Disorder document, which we sell as part of our Clinical Psychiatry Notes collection written by the top tier of Bristol University students.

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Bipolar Affective Disorder (BPAD)
? ? ? ? Categories o Type 1
? Mood swings across mood scale (both mania and depression)
? Untreated
?? ? ?Mania= 3-6 months
?? ? ?Depressive= 6-12 months o Type 2
? Prevalence of depression
? >1 severe depression
? Hypomania (6-8 on scale) rather than extreme manic episode o Rapid cycling BPAD
? Mood swings change faster
? 4 in year
? Can happen in T1 & T2
? ? ? ? Epidemiology o Lifetime prevalence 1%
o M 1:1 F o Mean age= 21
? ? ? ? Aetiology o Genetics o Neurochemical abnormalities o Life events/Environmental factors o Organic causes
? ? ? ? Features of Mania o Period of elevated/expansive/irritable mood (>1week) o 3/4 of these are present
? Inflated self-esteem
? Distractibility
? More talkative/Pressure to talk
? Flight of ideas/Subjective thoughts racing
? Increase in goal directed activities or psychomotor activities
? Pleasurable activities that can have painful consequences
? Decrease need sleep o Other features
? Social & occupation functioning impaired
? Psychotic symptoms
? Hospitalisation
? ? ? ? DDx o Organic causes o Schizoaffective disorders o Cyclothymia o Puerperal disorders
? ? ? ? Treatment o Antipsychotics
o Benzodiazepines (ST) o Mood stabilisers
o ECT [Rapid/ST improvement; Severe; Others ineffective

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