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Classification Of Psychiatric Disorders Icd Hierachical Categories Notes

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Classification of Psychiatric Disorders (ICD hierachical categories)

ORGANIC, INCLUDING SYMPTOMATIC MENTAL DISORDERS (F00-F09) o F00: Dementia in Alzheimer's o F01: Vascular dementia o F02: Dementia in other diseases classified elsewhere o F03: Unspecified dementia o F04: Organic amnesic syndrome (not from alcohol & other psychoactive substances) o F05: Delirium (not from alcohol and other psychoactive substances) o F06: Other mental disorder caused by brain disease, damage and dysfunction o F07: Personality & behavioural disorders, by brain disease, damage &
dysfunction o F09: Unspecified organic or symptomatic disorders
MENTAL & BEHAVIOURAL DISORDERS DUE TO PSYCHOACTIVE SUBSTANCE ABUSE (F10-F19) o F10: Mental & behavioural disorders caused by use of alcohol o F11: Opioids o F12: Cannabinoids o F13: Sedatives or hypnotics o F14: Cocaine o F15: Other stimulants (inc. caffeine) o F16: Hallucinogens o F17: Tobacco o F18: Volatile solvents o F19: Multiple drug use & the use of other psychoactive substances
 SCHIZOPHRENIA, SCHIZOTYPAL & DELUSIONAL DISORDERS (F20-F29) o F20: Schizophrenia o F21: Schizotypal disorder o F22: Persistent delusional disorders o F23: Acute and transient psychotic disorders o F24: Induced delusional disorder o F25: Schizoaffective disorders o F28: Other nonorganic psychotic disorders o F29: Unspecific nonorganic psychosis
 MOOD [AFFECTIVE] DISORDERS (F30-F39) o F30: Manic episode o F31: Bipolar affective disorder o F32: Depressive episode o F33: Recurrent depressive disorder o F34: Persistent mood (affective) disorders o F35: Other mood (affective) disorders o F39: Unspecified mood (affective) disorders
 NEUROTIC, STRESS-RELATED AND SOMATOFORM DISORDERS (F40F48) o F40: Phobic anxiety disorders o F41: Other anxiety disorders o F42: OCD o F43: Reaction to severe stress, and adjustment disorders

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