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Learning Disability Notes

This is a sample of our (approximately) 3 page long Learning Disability notes, which we sell as part of the Clinical Psychiatry Notes collection, a 1st package written at Bristol University in 2014 that contains (approximately) 47 pages of notes across 21 different documents.

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Learning Disability Revision

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Learning Disability
    Definition o Learning disability= People who have ICD 10 diagnosis of Mental Retardation o Moron= 19th century, non-derogatory o Mental deficiency= Legally (and medically) post-1913 o Feeble Minded= 1840s Learning disability o Moral defective= Subgroup- include people above normal intelligence o Mongol= Trisomy 21 (1860s) o Natural innocent= Medieval o Subnormality= Legal/medical term (1959) o Mental handicap= Medical (1970s) o Learning difficulties= Pressure groups, social services o Special needs= Educational authorities
    People with learning disability o Medically heterogenous group; Social & medical o Medical diagnosis
 Reduced level of functioning [IQ <70]
 Impaired adaptive behaviour & therefore need for support
 Occurring before 18 [Not adult head injury]
o Common issues
 Immature thinking
 Communication problems
 Additional handicaps & mental impairments o Additional
 Level of ability
 Associated medical conditions
 Associated psychiatric disorders
 Global assessment of psychosocial disability/abnormal situations
    IQ scores and mental age o IQ/100 x (Age)= Mental age o Children= calculate equivalent mental age from IQ o Adult= Assume average adult has mental age 18
 IQ 50= Mental test age 9
    Definition & grades of learning disability o Diagnosis
 IQ <70
 Need for support
 From childhood (before 18) o 2.5% population IQ <70 BUT only 0.3-0.5% LD (Most not LD) o 4 groups
 MILD IQ 50-69 (Mental age 9-12; 80% LD)
  Look after self (no budgeting, plan). Talk about things/read
  Problems discussing abstract ideas & think from other PoV
  Problems finding way around unfamiliar places
 MODERATE IQ 35-49 (Mental age 6-9; 12% LD)

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