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Development Of The Gi System (Embryology) Notes

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Lecture 6 Development of GI system (embryology)

Gastrulation o Week 3- Epiblast cells migrate through primitive streak to form Trilaminar disc
 Displace hypoblasts= ENDODERM (CNS/PNS and epithelium of skin)
 Lie in middle= MESODERM (Body connective tissues, GI connective tissue)
 Remain in epiblast= ECTODERM (GI tract organs & epithelium of GI) Development of the GI system o Primitive gut tube
 Stomadeum to proptadeum
 Buds coming off= organs o Divisions of gut tube
 Pharyngeal gut (part of foregut)
 Foregut (COELIAC AXIS)
 Midgut (SMA)
 Hindgut (IMA) o Differentiation of gut
 Dependent on interaction between endoderm "SHH genes" and mesoderm "HOX genes"
 All different genes go to different places o Autonomic innervation
 Sympathetic

• Coeliac ganglion- Foregut structures

• SMA- Midgut structures

• IMA- Hindgut structures
 Parasympathetic

• Vagus nerve- Foregut & midgut structures

• Pelvic splanchnic nerve- Hindgut structures o Mesenteries
 Dorsal

• Structures support gut tube to body wall

• Derived from intraembryonic coelom (mesoderm)

• Includes o Megogastrium (greater omentum); mesoduodenum; mesentery proper; mesocolon
 Ventral

• Only related to foregut

• Derived from septum transversum o Falciform ligament- extending liver to ventral wall
 Embryo: Unbilical vein
 After birth: round ligament o Lesser omentum- extending stomach to liver
 Portal triad: bile duct, hepatic artery, portal vein
 Forms entrance to lesser sac: EPICLOIC FORAMEN OF WINSLOW o From which germ layer are the following parts of developing gut tube derived?
 GI organs & GI mucosa= ENDODERM
 Peritoneum, GI smooth muscle & dorsal mesentery= MESODERM

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