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Hepatitis A E Viruses Notes

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Hepatitis A E Viruses Revision

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Lecture 12 Hepatitis A-E Viruses

Types of hepatitis

Hepatitis A o Clinical features
 Incubation period: Average 30 days
 Jaundice by age group: <6 yrs= <10%; 6-14 yrs= 40-50%; >14 yrs=70-80%
 Complications: Fulminant hepatitis; Cholestatic hepatitis; Relapsing hepatitis
 Chronic Sequelae= NONE o Virus transmission
 Close personal contact
 Contaminated food, water
 Blood exposure (rare) o Lab diagnosis
 Acute infection diagnosed by detection of HAV-IgM in serum EIA
 Past infection i.e. immunity determined by detection of HAV-IgG by EIA o Prevention- Immune Globulin
 Pre-exposure (travellers)
 Post-exposure (within 14 days)

• Routine (household and other intimate contacts)

• Selected situations (institutions, common source exposure) Hepatitis B o Clinical features
 Incubation period: Average 60-90 days
 Jaundice: <5yrs= <10%; >5yrs=30-50%
 Acute-case fatality rate= 0.5-1%
 Chronic infection: depends upon age of infection (older=less likely)
 Premature mortality from chronic liver disease= 15-25%
o Spectrum of chronic hep. B
 Chronic persistent hep. (asymptomatic)
 Chronic active hep (symptomatic exacerbations of hep.)
 Cirrhosis of liver

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