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This is a sample of our (approximately) 6 page long Respiratory notes, which we sell as part of the Medicine and Surgery Notes collection, a 2.1 package written at Bristol University in 2011 that contains (approximately) 143 pages of notes across 7 different documents.

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Respiratory Revision

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Medicine & Surgery Respiratory COPD Chronic bronchitis - cough & sputum production on most days for 3 months of 2 successive years Emphysema - histologically enlarged air spaces, distal to terminal bronchioles with destruction of alveolar walls COPD or Asthma, not both 10-20% of over-40s

• PINK PUFFER o Increased alveolar ventilation o Normal PaO2 o Low PaCO2 o Breathless but not cyanosed o Type 1 respiratory failure

o o o o o

BLUE BLOATER Reduced alveolar ventilation Low PaO2 High PaCO2 Cyanosed but not breathless May develop Cor Pulmonale

Acute exacerbations Infection Polycythaemia Respiratory failure Cor pulmonale Pneumothorax Lung carcinoma

Clinical features Complications

Investigations Lung function tests o FEV1:FVC is reduced CXR is often normal

CT Hb level can be raised due to hypoxaemia ABG o Hypoxaemia o Hypercapnia Sputum for exacerbations o Strep. Pneumonia o H. influenza ECG ECHO

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