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Basal Nuclei Notes

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Lecture 23 Basal Nuclei




General o BN receive large amount of input from cortex, & after processing, send it back to cerebral cortex via thalamus o Basal ganglia
? Project to ventral lateral (VLo) nucleus (thalamus)
? Provides major input to area 6 (SMA and PMA) o Cortex
? Projects back to basal ganglia
? Forms a 'loop' (Cortex?BG?Cortex) Basal nuclei o All grey matter areas buried in white matter of cerebral hemispheres technically BN
? Caudate nuclei, putamen, globus pallidus, amygdala o In terms of movement control, major components are (CORPUS STRIATUM)
? GLOBUS PALLIDUS o Important connections with thalamus, subthalamic nuclei and substantia nigra o Putamen + Globus pallidus= LENTIFORM NUCLEUS o Caudate nucleus + Putamen= STRIATUM (Histologically) o Globus pallidus= PALLIDUM
? Part of pallidum migrated down midbrain= Pars Reticulata & S. Nigra Basal nuclei pathway All neurons from globus pallidus Increases activity are GABAergic in putamen


All neurons from caudate nucleus are GABAergic

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