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The Limbic System Notes

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Lecture 41 The Limbic System



The Limbic Lobe (Broca, 1878) o Cingulate gyrus o Uncus (bump on parahippocampal gyrus) o Hippocampus o Parahippocampal gyrus (medial surfaces of temporal lobe) Circuit of Papez o Original model





? Hippocampal fibres go via fornix to mammillary bodies of hypothalamus
? MB project via mammillothalamic tract to anterior thalamic nuclei (AT)
? Fibres from AT project to cingulate gyrus via internal capsule
? White matter pathway; cingulum bundle from cingulate cortex to parahippocampal gyrus and then to hippocampus Function
? Thought to principally be involved in emotional processing but is NOT
? Expanded to include

* Septal Nuclei

* Ventral striatum

* Prefrontal cortex

* Amygdala
? Structure in circuit critical for MEMORY not emotion Present model

The Limbic system o Components (diverse set of cortical & subcortical structures; medial & ventral)
? Prefrontal cortex
? Parahippocampal gyrus; Hippocampus
? Septal nuclei and nucleus accumbens
? Amygdala
? Hypothalamus
? Thalamus

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