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Chronic Kidney Disease Notes

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Lecture 17 Chronic Kidney Disease





Definition o Renal failure
? In essence

* Decreased renal excretory function

* Decreased GFR

* Raised serum creatinine and urea
? Chronic or acute
? Chronic= weeks or months, often IRREVERSIBLE
? Acute= days or weeks, maybe/often REVERSIBLE o Chronic Kidney Disease
? Evidence of structural or functional kidney abnormalities (abnormal urinalysis, imaging studies, or histology)
? Persist for >3/12 months
? Decreased GFR
? Most common manifestation of damage is persistent albuminuria
? Failure of

* Glomerular filtration

* Tubular handling of solute

* Erythropoietin production

* Activation of vitamin D

* Blood pressure regulation Classification o Numbered 1-5 (5=most severe) o Works on GFR function o 1= kidney damage with normal or increased GFR o 5=Established renal failure, GFR <15 Symptoms and signs o Symptoms
? Often asymptomatic
? Vague (nausea, loss of appetite, itching etc.)
? Fluid overload (swelling, SOB)
? Anaemia (tired, SOB, angina)
? Urinary symptoms (nocturia, frequency)
? Symptoms related to underlying disease o Clinical signs
? Often non-specific
? Skin (pallor, pruritus marks, rashes)
? CV (high BP, raised JVP, 3rd heart sound, pericardial rub, peripheral oedema)
? Respiratory (Tachypnoea, crepitations)
? Abdominal (ascites, scars) Causes o PRE-RENAL
? Usually to do with blood supply
? Decreased CO
? Renovascular occlusion (renal artery stenosis, aortic aneurysm/dissection)
? Impaired renal autoregulation (NSAIDs, cyclosporin, ACEis) o INTRA-RENAL

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