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Glomerular Filtration Notes

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Lecture 3 & 4 Glomerular Filtration





Introduction o Occurs at rate ~120ml/min o Urine output ~1ml/min (i.e. over 99% glomerular filtrate normally absorbed) o Varies with: gender, age, body size o Energy comes from hydrostatic pressure of blood (generated by heart beat) o No energy expenditure by kidney in filtering glomerular blood Glomerulus as a filtration barrier o Behaves as though perforated by 'functional' pores of the diameter ~8-10nm (1/1000 diameter of RBC) o Rate of filtration of given substance depends upon
? Molecular weight

* <10,000= freely filtered

* >100,000= excluded from glomerular filtrate

* Rate of filtration ~ inversely proportional to molecular weight
? Shape

* Long, thin molecules filtered more easily than spherical molecules of same molecular weight
? Electrical charge

* Ease of filtering o (+) charge >> Neutral >> (-) charge o Examples
? Albumen

* Molecular weight= ~69,000

* (-) charge

* Normally almost completely retained in blood of glomerular capsule
? Free haemoglobin

* Molecular weight= ~68,000

* Not charged

* Some leaks into Bowman's space if in blood (e.g. IV haemolysis) Anatomical barriers in the Glomerulus and Bowman's capsule (3) o Capillary endothelium
? Has open pores (fenestrations)
? ~100nm wide
? Do not prevent plasma protein filtration o Basement membrane
? Has fixed (-) charge
? Gives the electrical charge selectivity of the filter
? NEPHROTIC SYNDROME removes negative charge o Glomerular epithelium (podocytes)
? Epithelial cells put out primary and secondary processes (podocytes)
? These envelope glomerular capillaries
? Molecules must get through gaps between podocytes The factors involved in glomerular filtration o GFR= K S [(PGC - PT) - (pGC - pT)]

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