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Renal Function Test And Clearance Notes

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Lecture 5 Renal Function Test & Clearance


Renal function tests of urine o Visual examination
? Colour, clarity (frothy can indicate PROTEINURIA) o Labstix analysis (normal)
? Protein (trace/none)
? Blood (none)
? Free haemoglobin (none)
? Glucose (none)
? pH (variable- normal range ~4.5-8.5 cf plasma pH 7.4) o Osmolarity
? Ability to concentrate and dilute urine
? Normal range ~80-1,200mosm/L
? Cf extracellular fluid osmolarity ~285mosm/L o Measurement of GFR
? Equation

* GFR= Ux x V/Px o Rate of filtration=rate of excretion (no tubular transport) o GFR= Glomerular filtration rate o Px= Plasma conc. of x (mg/ml) o Ux= Urinary conc. (mg/ml) o V= Urine output (ml/min)
? Inulin clearance

* Not endogenous, not metabolised/stored by kidney, not change GFR

* Undergoes no tubular transport and is freely filtered

* Accurate but not convenient

* Example o UIN= 29mg/ml o V= 1.1 ml/min o PIN= 0.25mg/ml o GFR= 19 x 1.1/ 0.25= 129ml/min=184L/day

* Endogenous (require no infusion, non-toxic CONVENIENT)

* Freely filtered, not metabolised/stored by kidney, not change GFR

* Plasma conc. does not vary with dietary intake (cf urea) or hydration (cf urea) so, in with normal renal function, serum creatinine stable

* Creatinine clearance (CC) measured simply- patient takes 24hr urine, and blood sample take at any time in collection period

* Not as accurate as inulin o Small amount involved in tubular transport into tubule o Ux (urinary conc) is a little high as creatinine is filtered o Px also a little too high (test picks up some non creatinine nitrogenous products in blood)

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