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Bronchodilators Notes

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Clinical effects/use BRONCHODILATO RS B2adrenoreceptor agonists (BAAs)

Adverse effects

Mechanism of action


Activate B2-adrenoreceptor o Increases intracellular cAMP o Activates K+ channel o Activates Na+/K+ ATPase o Reduces Ca2+ dependent coupling of actin and myosin Inhibits cholinergic neurotransmission o Activate muscarinic receptors= smooth muscle contraction

Unclear Inhibition of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases o Inhibit type IV PDE o Increasing cAMP/cGMP levels- SM relaxation Interaction with G proteins Antagonise adenosine receptors Stimulates CNS/ respiratory centres

Cholinergic stimulation o Increases SM contraction/
secretion (M3 receptors)

Xanthine drugs

Bronchodilatation (most effective) o Increased density of receptors on smooth muscles of trachea to small bronchioles Other effects o Inhibit release of histamine and other inflammatory mediators o Reduce vascular permeability &
mucosal oedema In addition to steroids in patients non-responsive to BAAs In acute severe asthma

Muscarinic receptor antagonists


Inhibits mucus secretion Ineffective against late phase asthma Used as adjunct to BAAs/steroids

Generally avoided as given via inhaler Tachycardia and palpitations Pulmonary vasodilatation

Narrow therapeutic window o 30-100µmol/L= Benefit o >120µmol/L= Adverse o >200µmol/L=
Significant adverse CNS effects o Insomnia, nervousness, seizures CVS effects o Palpitations, tachy, dysrythmia Minimal side effects

Nausea, sleeplessness, flu,

Act on 5-lipo-oxygenase pathway

Short acting: SALBUTAMOL & TERBU o Max. effect in 30 mins o Duration= 3-5 hours o Used "as needed" Long acting: SALMETEROL &
FORMOTEROL o Duration= 8-12 hours o Twice daily o Adjunctive therapy in patients wi chronic asthma Non selective: ISOPRENALINE &
ADRENALINE o Severe asthma

Theophyline o Oral o Metabolises P450 enzymes in liv Drugs induce P450 enzymes red action and vice-versa Aminophyline o Slow IV followed by infusion

Ipratropium Bromide (Atrovent) o Administration: Aerosol intake, n absorbed, max. effect in 30 mins 5h Tiotropium o Longer acting, used in COPD Zileutin

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