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Inflammatory Bowel Disease Notes

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This is an extract of our Inflammatory Bowel Disease document, which we sell as part of our Gastrointestinal Disease Notes collection written by the top tier of University Of Leicester students.

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease Ulcerative Colitis Relapsing and remitting inflammatory condition of the colonic mucosa 15-30yrs More common in non-smokers Pathophysiology
- Continuous inflammation limited to mucosa
- Always affects rectum (procitis)
- May extend further proximally Histology
- Mucin depletion
- Inflammation
- Cryptitis, crypt abscesses
- Loss of haustrations
- Pseudopolyps Clinical features
- Gradual onset diarrhea (+/- blood and mucus)
- Crampy abdo pain
- Urgency
- Tenesmus
- During an 'attack' o Increase in bowel frequency o Fever o Malaise o Anorexia o Weight loss Investigations
- Bloods
- Stool culture
- Abdo xray
- Sigmoidoscopy and rectal Severity assessed with Truelove and Witt's criteria Management Drugs
- Steroid enemas
- Oral prednisolone (IV hydrocortisone if severe)
- Mesalazine (5 ASA)
- Azathioprine May need to be admitted if severe attack
- IV steroids
- IV fluids
- Monitor obs

External manifestations
- Clubbing
- Uveitis
- Apthous ulcers

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