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Gall Bladder Disease Notes

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Gall Bladder Disease GallstonesVery common in patients >40 years Usually asymptomatic

Bile contains
- Phospholipids
- Cholesterol
- Bile pigments (from Hb) Stones can be
- Pigment stones (resulting from haemolysis e.g sickle cell disease)
- Cholesterol stones (risk factors = female, obesity, age) Gallstones may cause
- Acute or chronic cholecystitis
- Biliary colic
- Cholangitis
- Pancreatitis
- Obstructive jaundice

Acute cholecystitis Follows tone of sludge impaction in neck of gall bladder Clinical features
- Epigastric/RUQ pain - can be referred to right shoulder tip
- Vomitting
- Fever
- Local peritonism
- Palpable mass
- Murphy's sign (pain on inspiration when palpating RUQ) Investigations
- Bloods o Raised WCC
- Imaging o USS - thick walled shrunken gallbladder, dilated CBD, stones Management
- Pain relief

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