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Normal Menstrual Cycle Puberty Notes

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Normal Menstrual Cycle Overall control of the menstrual cycle is my hormones in the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian cycle Hypothalamus


Anterior pituitary



Oestrogen +
progesteronePulsatile release of GnRH stimulates the release of LH + FSH Moderate titres of oestrogen inhibit GnRH release High titres of oestrogen (pure) promote GnRH secretion causing the LH surge Progesterone enhances the inhibitory effect of moderate titres of oestrogen + prevents positive feedback of pure oestrogen

Day 1 = 1st day of menstrual bleed Follicular/proliferative phase = day 0-12
- Follicles grow in ovary
- Uterus prepared for sperm transport and implantation of conceptus
- Changes occur to facilitate sexual interactions
- FSH looks after gamete and makes it grow
- LH stimulates hormone production
- Oestrogen stimulates o Fallopian tube function o Thickening of endometrium o Growth + motility of myometrium o Thin alkaline cervical mucus (to draw sperm out of semen) o Vaginal changes o Changes in skin, hair and metabolism
- LH surge stimulates ovulation Ovulation = day 12-14
- Breif period of fertility
- Formation of corpus luteum Luteal/secretory phase = day 14-28
- Corpus luteum formed in ovary grows under influence of LH o Dies after 14 days if no signal of pregnancy is received
- Progesterone o Acts on oestrogen primed cells causing further thickening of endometrium into secretory form o Thickening of the myometrium but reduced motility o Thick acidic cervical mucus o Changes in mammary tissue o Raised body temperature

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