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Stroke And Tia Notes

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Stroke and TIA EpidemiologyA major neurological disease of our time 100,000 new strokes/year in the UK (1 every 5 minutes) Accounts for 11% of deaths in the UK (3rd cause of death)

History--Timing o Sudden onset o Usually reaches maximum deficit within an hour o TIA recover quickly (usually within 1hr, up to 24hrs) Symptoms o Do they fit with a vascular territory?
? Face, arms, legs, higher cortical, visual (amaurosis fugax, homonymous hemianopia) Associated features o May go against a stroke i.e may suggest patient has a stroke mimic
? Weight loss ? cancer Hx and examination need to answer
? Headache ?migraine ?IOP ?
1) Is it a stroke?
SAH 2) How severe?
? Vomiting ?migraine ?ICP 3) What has caused it?
? Falls, trauma ?subdural 4) What complications have Vascular risk factors such as occurred?
o Diabetes 5) What complications are likely o Previous stroke/TIA to occur?
o MI/CABG 6) What is the prognosis?
o Hypertension o Smoking o AF, valve disease o Hypercholesterolaemia o +ve family history o Alcoholism o Clotting/bleeding disorders (antiphospholipid syndrome) Drug history PMH


ABCDE General exam o Clubbing (? Brain mets) o Splinter haemorrhages (?infective endocarditis) o Tar staining o Pyrexia (? Brain abscess) Look for signs of o Hyperlipidaemia (corneal arcus, xanthalasma) o Peripheral vascular disease o Diabetes o Hypertension (LVH, proteinuria) o AF

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