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Cancers Of The Gi Tract Notes

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This is an extract of our Cancers Of The Gi Tract document, which we sell as part of our Oncology Notes collection written by the top tier of University Of Leicester students.

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Cancers of the GI tract Carcinoma of the stomach Associations
- Blood group A
- H. Pylori - chronic gastritis - atrophic gastritis - intestinal metaplasia
- Smoking
- High salt diet Pathogenesis
- Most occur in antrum
- P53 and APC affected
- Commonly 'intestinal' (intestinal metaplasia seen in surrounding mucosa)
- Adenocarcinoma Clinical features
- Epigastric pain
- Nausea
- Anorexia
- Weight loss
- Vomiting (severe if near pylorus)
- Dysphagia (if involves fundus)
- Anaemia
- Mets to liver, bone, brain + lung Investigations
- Bloods o FBC (anaemia) o Liver biochem
- Imaging o CT/MRI staging o Gastroscopy and biopsies Management
- Surgery
- Chemotherapy
- Radiotherapy
- Palliative care
- 5 year survival <10%

- Palpable epigastric mass
- Vichow's node

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