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Osteomalacia And Rickets Notes

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This is an extract of our Osteomalacia And Rickets document, which we sell as part of our Orthopaedics Notes collection written by the top tier of University Of Leicester students.

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Osteomalacia and Rickets Normal amount of bone but reduced mineral content Rickets occurs if this happens during bone growth Osteomalacia occurs if this happens after fusion of epiphyses. Types Vitamin D deficiency (dietary inadequacy, lack of sunlight or malabsorption) Renal + liver osteomalacia (decreased hydroxylation of vit D) Drug induced Inherited vitamin D resistance Clinical features Rickets
- Knock-kneed
- Bow-legged
- Hypocalcaemia
- Enlargement of ends of long bones, widened cranial sutures Osteomalacia
- Bone pain (proximal limb girdles and lower back)
- Fractures
- Proximal myopathy
- Decreased phosphate Investigations Bloods: low calcium, phosphate. Increased alk phos, PTH. Decreased vit D Biopsy: shows poor mineralisation Xray
- In Rickets - cupped metaphyseal surfaces
- In Osteomalacia - Looser's zones/pseudofractures = translucent bands at sites of stress e.g ribs, scapula + pubic rami Management
- Treat any underlying cause
- Give oral daily vit D supplements
- Hydroxylated supplements if renal/liver disease
- Treatments relieve symptoms and correct bony abnormality in 3-4 months

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