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Mood Disorders Notes

This is a sample of our (approximately) 4 page long Mood Disorders notes, which we sell as part of the Psychiatry Notes collection, a MBChB (hons) (1st) package written at University Of Leicester in 2014 that contains (approximately) 43 pages of notes across 14 different documents.

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Mood Disorders Revision

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Mood disorders ('Affective disorders') Encompasses
- Depression
- Mania
- Hypomania
- Bipolar disorder

Depression 'An affective disorder characterized by negative affect, lethargy and anhedonia' Epidemiology
- 10% of general population (very common)
- F>M
- Associated with lower socioeconomic class Aetiology Predisposing factors:
- Genetics
- Childhood experiences e.g physical/sexual abuse
- "Vulnerability factors" o > 3 children under 14 years o No work outside of home o No confiding relationship Precipitating factors
- Adverse life event (bereavement/stressful events)
- Childbirth
- Endocrine o Hypothyroidism, Cushings, GH or ACTH
- Drug and alcohol abuse Maintaining factors
- Chronic social difficulties e.g poverty, unemployment, disability
- Drug and alcohol abuse
- Difficult relationships
- Finances Clinical presentation
- 3 core symptoms o Low mood o Lethargy o Anhedonia (lack of interest in things previously enjoyed) Biological Symptoms Sleep disturbance Changes in appetite Weight changes Diurnal mood variation Psychomotor retardation

Must have at least 2 of these everyday for at least 2 weeks

Psychological Symptoms Feelings of
- Guilt
- Helplessness
- Hopelessness
- Worthlessness


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