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Pleural Effusions Notes

This is a sample of our (approximately) 3 page long Pleural Effusions notes, which we sell as part of the Respiratory Notes collection, a MBChB (hons) (1st) package written at University Of Leicester in 2014 that contains (approximately) 35 pages of notes across 13 different documents.

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Pleural Effusions Revision

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Pleural Effusions A collection of fluid in the pleural space If its an infected effusion = empyema If related to pneumonia = "para-pneumonic effusion" Pathogenesis
- Normal parietal pleura produces fluid that is reabsorbed by visceral pleura. Can be disrupted by; o Excessive fluid production (inflammation) o Impaired re-absorption
= Accumulation of fluid Clinical features
- Dyspnoea (must be moderate to cause this)
- Pleural pain
- Cough Signs
- Reduced expansion
- Stony dull percussion
- Reduced breath sounds and vocal resonance
- Bronchial breathing above effusion
- CXR = blunting of costophrenic angles in small effusions Investigations
- Exudate vs transudate to elicit cause of effusion o If pH of fluid is

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