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Common Bacteria Notes

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O2 require Name ment Morphology

Virulence factor

Facultative anaerobic


* Gram +ve

* Catalase -ve

* Oxidase -ve

* Spherical

* Small/pin-point

* Streptolysin (hemolysis),

* fibrinolysin

* hyaluronidase



(S. pyogenes) Faculttive anaerobic

aureus Staphylococcus

* Catalase +ve

* Coagulase +ve

* Spherical

spreading factor

* Fibrinolysin - allows spreading

anthracis Aerobic


Mostly endogenous

* Bovine: mastitis

* Necrotoxin -

* Lamb: pyaemia

* Poultry: "Bumblefoot" (chronic arthritis)


* Enterotoxin

* Leucocidin

by polychrome metheylene blue

* Ingestion of contaminated feed

* Factor II (protective (spores)

* Inhalation of antigen) spores

* collapsing, convulsion, rectal, nasal bleeding &
septicaemia death in few min

* Rapid decompose &

* Dark blood, poor clot, orificial bleeding

Treatment &

* penicillin

* Topical application with mild antiseptics

Remarks Bhemolytic (complete)


* Management: cleanliness, pathogenic disinfection of animal environment &

* Pyogenic infection

* Botryomycosis - chronic granulomatous lesions in udders and spermatic cord Sample collection Aspirates from acute gastroenteritis unopened

* Haemolysin

* Large G+ve rods

* Spores (exposure to ait, depleted nutrients);

* capsule (inside) - * Factor I (oedema factor) pink


* pyogenic infections Natural habitats * Bovine mastitis - S.
- agalactiae, S. dysagalactiae, S. uberis, skin, upper resp S. tract, urogenital tract zooepidemicus

* Strangles in foals - S. equi

* Coagulase protect from phagocytosis

* Hyaluronidase * Gram +ve



* Drain abscess

* Only for

* Topical application of mild Staph: ahemolysis antiseptics

* A/biotics: resistant to complete penicillin G, streptomycin &

* MRSA &
tetracycline VRSA

* Exposure to airspores develop

* Precipitin test known as

* Vaccination

* penicillins (no effect Ascoli test. on

* FAT. antiserum biological labelled preformed toxins) with fluorescein

* eradicate carriers


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