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Injuries Notes

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Physical influences

INJURIES Chemical influences

Viable influences

Physical Influences I. Trauma II. Pressure III. Obstruction IV. Malposition V. Temperature VI. Light, Electricity, Radiation

Physical Influences
- usually mechanical in nature leading to: i. Trauma: sudden violent forces? crushing/separation of tissues ii. Pressure: less violent, prolonged period? compression iii. Obstruction: closure of lumen? obstructed flow or passage iv. Malposition: rotation, invagination, protrusion? circulatory distubances

i. Trauma
- lesions almost similar despite inflicted by different agents
- Eg: stone, knife, bullet, axe, whip, jet plane etc
- crushed, torn, haemorrhage
- may lead to: shock infection product condemnation, downgrading (economic importance)

Types of traumatic injury a. Contusion (bruise)
- integument intact but underlying tissue is damaged
- least violent forces
- 1st = red, later black, green, blue, yellow

Types of traumatic injury b. Abrasion
- similar to contusion except that integument is broken
- much more severe force than contusion

Types of traumatic injury c. Incision
- smooth, long, narrow, clean
- inflicted by sharp objects
- minimal tissue damage & may heal rapidly

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