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Yamin Khan

I am someone who enjoys listening to interesting ideas and contrarian opinions. When speaking to people, I aim to communicate my ideas in a very clear and logical manner. I am warm to strangers and friends alike and so I am able to gain the trust of people relatively quickly. I am very driven and a self-starter- currently working for a fin-tech startup. The study of law can often be tedious and many lose sight of why they study law. I aim to help students with difficult topics but also make sure they do not lose focus of the bigger picture- and in the end- help them become students who can think for themselves and question the law and form their own opinions. I have only chosen a few subjects that I am wish to tutor- these are the ones I was most passionate about at Cambridge.

Legal Experience

  • Law degree


  • University of Cambridge

Law Modules

  • Administrative Law
  • Competition Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • European Law
  • Roman Law

Tutoring Locations

  • Online available




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