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Rizwan Shaik

I finished my LL.B from Cardiff University and have a strong academic background in LL.B subjects. Currently, finishing my Master’s degree from Cardiff University (International Commercial Law) as final stage of dissertation is to be completed. While I was doing LL.B and LL.M I used to tutor my course mates and my juniors. I am always enthusiastic and excited to teach anyone who has difficulties in law subjects and excited to share my experiences which I think will connect current students because, as a recent graduate I know their struggles in understanding a particular topic or subject.

Legal Experience

  • Law degree


  • Cardiff University

Law Modules

  • Administrative Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Company Law
  • Competition Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Contract Law
  • Criminal Law
  • European Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Land Law
  • Tort Law
  • Trusts and Equity

Tutoring Locations

  • Online available




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