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Appeals General
? Almost always with permission --- from lower or higher court
? Criteria --- whether appeal has real prospects of success / other compelling reason
? Review rather than rehearing of lower decision --- can only interfere in limited circumstances
? Finality o Second appeal only if important principle or some other compelling reason, with permission of CA o New arguments on appeal Permission
? As of right for o Committal order o Refusal to grant habeas corpus o Secure accommodation order under Children Act 1989
? Permission scheme similar to Victoria
? Criteria --- CPR 52.3(6) o First appeals --- real prospects of success / other compelling reason
? Higher than resisting summary judgment because evidence has already come out --- less uncertainty o Second appeal --- important point of principle or practice / other compelling reason
? Other compelling reason incl visitation jurisdiction
? Interim decisions also subject to appeal o Previously, interim appeals would be de novo
? Hypothetical appeals --- can hear if in the public interest & have consent of parties o Can apply to have costs indemnified Time limits
? 21 days to file appeal
? Court will take into account CPR 3.9 to decide whether to grant extension: Sayers o AZ says should strictly enforce Standing
? Not limited to parties --- persons affected can join appeal to defend it: Wimpey (planning dispute --- one party got a permission, neighbour didn't ---
neighbour sued & lost --- first party had permission revoked as a consequence
--- so joined appeal to contest it)
? Interventions / amicus briefs ---
o SC Rule 15 --- any person can make submissions o Not of assistance to simple reiterate the same point: E v Chief Constable (2008)

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