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Frequently Asked Questions For Sellers

How is my commission calculated?

We take the sales price of your notes, deduct unavoidable fees (financial transaction costs and government collected sales tax/VAT), then pay you 50% of that gross figure. For a detailed calculation, please read this.

Can I upload my professors' lecture notes?

Absolutely not. Any lecture handouts you receive are the intellectual property of your professor / your educational institution and you have no right to sell these on our website or any other for that matter. Oxbridge Notes is a marketplace for notes you have compiled on your own, whether that be from readings of primary materials, secondary texts or other materials.

I haven't finished my degree yet. Can I upload what I have so far now, and then the rest once I finish?

Sure. Uploading content you have just finished could prove particularly profitable to you since the buyers of our notes generally prefer fresher materials and so notes from an exam you sat yesterday will be more saleable than notes for an exam you sat two and a half years ago. Our system allows you to keep adding more notes and essay plans as you complete them.

I'm on a commission system. When and how do I get paid?

We initiate payment to sellers in the first five days of each month. Payment is via Paypal, a trusted service used by millions of shoppers around the world. The money will be electronically lodged into your Paypal account and you can then transfer this money into your bank free of charge. It is not necessary to have a Paypal account set up when you start uploading notes, although one is required once you start receiving payments.

What subjects do you accept?

We currently accept every subject studied at university or professional level in any English speaking country around the world. We are happy to accept subjects not yet featured in our site's subject page.

Can I sell essays or problem questions I've already submitted to my professors / tutors?

Not anymore - we allowed this in the past but have reversed our policy. For one it comes too close to assisting plagiarism and furthermore there is a legal grey area concerning ownership of the essay title, which belongs to the university. Essay plans, where the title is either you own or written generally (e.g End of Cold War Essay Plan) are accepted and encouraged.",

What file formats are acceptable?

We accept any standard file formats, such as PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT, JPG, PNG and ZIP. If your notes are in an alternative format (e.g. a format for a flash card program or a mind mapping program), please be aware that we will have to reject your notes unless the files are readable using a freely downloadable program. Our reasoning here is that we want to spare buyers the expense and difficulty of needing an expensive program to view their recently downloaded purchases.

Can I remain anonymous to sellers?

Our buyers are never given your email address or real name. When you begin selling you can choose any username you want and this is the name which will be displayed on the products. Please note that responding to a buyer inquiry sent by our website will reveal your email address. If you would like to respond this message without revealing your identity you could forward the message to our staff and then we can forward it in turn to the buyer in question, removing information that could be used to identify you.

Can I sell pen and paper notes?

Generally not.

At what price will my notes sell for?

Your notes will sell at whatever price the market supports. If you have extremely high quality notes with diagrams and colours and a recent first from Oxford then your notes could be sold for quite a bit more than something less impressive.