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Juveniles Notes

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This is an extract of our Juveniles document, which we sell as part of our Advanced Criminal Litigation Notes collection written by the top tier of Cambridge And Oxilp And College Of Law students.

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Advanced Criminal Litigation Juveniles Revision At police station, juvenile = 10-16 At court, juvenile = 10-17 (anyone under 18) Doli Incapx 10 is age of criminal responsibility 17 year olds now do have the same rights as 10-16 at the police station Code C 1.5A If juvenile need instructions in writing in presence of appropriate adult before doing Youths at the Police Station Code C 1.5 a juvenile is anyone who appears to be under the age of 17 Arrival:
? Duty to inform person responsible for child's welfare why they have been arrested, why they are being detained and where. s34(8) Children and Young Person Act 1993 o N.B if under LA care then inform the LA Code C 3.13
? Inform Probation services Youth offending Team if under a care order Code C

3.14 ? Contact an appropriate adult ASAP Code C 3.15 Appropriate Adult: Code C 3.17 has hierarchy of those to be an appropriate adult:
? Parent/Guardian/LA
? Social Worker
? Any other responsible adult, 18+ and not connected with the police (friends, relatives etc.) NOT appropriate if:
? Police officer or police employee (Code C 1.7)
? Solicitor (as conflict of interest, Code C Guidance 1F)
? An interested party: o Suspected involvement o Victim o Witness o Person juvenile has previously made admissions to (Code C Guidance 1B) Custody Sgt. Makes the decision, juvenile has not say unless estranged parent and juveniles objects (Code C Guidance 1B) Custody officer should explain rights whilst at police station in presence of appropriate adult or repeat in front of both when adult arrives Code C 3.17, 10.12 No interview without appropriate adult Code C 11.15 Role??Advise and assist juvenile Assist with communication between juvenile and police Ensure appropriate police behaviour Protect juvenile rights Home Office Guidelines and Police should inform them of this Code C 11.17

Solicitor can object to the appropriate adult if conflict between them and the juvenile

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