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Acquisition And Development Of A Commercial Site Notes

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This is an extract of our Acquisition And Development Of A Commercial Site document, which we sell as part of our Commercial Property Notes collection written by the top tier of Cambridge And Oxilp And College Of Law students.

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Elective: Commercial Property

Commercial Property Acquisition and development of a commercial site

1. Proceeding to completion of the acquisition: Under a CONDITIONAL Contract o The condition = "Acceptable planning permission" [in contract]. Notify the seller. o Developer has to complete within a certain amount of days / weeks [in contract]
o Payment [purchase price] is likely to be a fixed sum - because usually the Conditional Contract does not span over a long time [so market is unlikely to have changed]. Deposit usually already paid when contract was entered into. Under a OPTION Agreement o Developer to serve notice - exercise the option [check the TIME frame- can option still be exercised?]
o Pay Deposit of purchase price [this is in addition to the option fee already paid - non-refundable]
o Price will need to be determined [because market could have changed]
o Completion date may be linked to when the price is agreed and Option notice is served. o Insurance issues - under the option agreement WHO is to insure the property?
Proceeding to completion I. Option agreement / conditional contract exercised II. Physical inspection - has anything changed?
III. Title Investigation [is an update needed]
IV. Priority search [OS1/ K15]
V. Local Search [LLCI / CON29O/ Con29R VI. Draft transfer Deed - sign by both parties VII. Mortgage Deed VIII. Standard Requisitions on title - send to seller Post Completion I. Send TR1 to Land Registry II. Pay SDLT III. Register any mortgage at companies house

2. TAX implications: VAT



1 Seller may have to pay VAT [payable on the construction services for commercial development and Professional fees - INPUT tax]
Seller must account to HMRC if he charges VAT (OUTPUT tax) [seller must be

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