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LPC Law Notes Intellectual Property Law Notes

Ip Law Summary Notes

Updated Ip Law Summary Notes

Intellectual Property Law Notes

Intellectual Property Law

Approximately 524 pages

A collection of the best Intellectual Property notes the director of Oxbridge Notes (an Oxford law graduate) could find after combing through dozens of LPC samples from outstanding students with the highest results in England and carefully evaluating each on accuracy, formatting, logical structure, spelling/grammar, conciseness and "wow-factor". In short these are what we believe to be the strongest set of Intellectual Property notes available in the UK this year. This collection is fully upda...

The following is a more accessible plain text extract of the PDF sample above, taken from our Intellectual Property Law Notes. Due to the challenges of extracting text from PDFs, it will have odd formatting:

Copyright Database UDR RDR Trademark Passing Off Patent
Arises in:
  • Art

  • Words

  • Music

  • Sound

  • List

  • Compilation

  • 3D items

  • Pattern

  • 3D items

  • Pattern

  • Words

  • Shapes

  • Logos

Goodwill Inventive new item (not just an idea)



Unregistered Unregistered Unregistered Registered Registered Unregistered Registered
Duration Author’s life + 70 years 15 years from date of creation 15 years or 10 years from sale or hire 5 years renewable up to 25 years 10 years (renewable) Indefinite 20 years
Ownership Person who creates it Person who creates it Creator or Employer if in course of empl. Creator or Employer if in course of empl. Person who it is registered to Person/ Business that has goodwill Inventor or Employer if in course of empl.


Original (low)

Substantial investment in obtaining, verifying or presenting contents

Original: not a copy and not commonplace

Not an exclusion


Individual Character

Sign – graph. rep.

Not already reg.


Not descriptive

Not deceptive


Misrepresentation leading to confusion



Inventive Step

Industrial Applic.

Not an excluded field




Performing, showing work in public


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