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Elective: Private Client


1. Inheritance Tax [IHT] Checklist

IHT payable when the gift was made:

1. Does the gift carry with it any liability [e.g. mortgage / charge on shares]

2. Exemptions:

spouse 100%

charity 100%

political party 100%

Business property relief

small gifts

normal expenditure


3. 4.

5. 6. PET

Annual exemptions [check dates]
Equals = Value of the PET / LCT Gross up any LCT if donor is paying tax. TAX: No IHT payable The PET is ignored while Peggy is alive The value of the PET does not affect the Cumulative Total






NRB Option 1: "The LCT1 made more than 7 years before LCT 2. The PET is ignored therefore the whole NRB is available [check NRB table of that year]"


NRB option 2: "The LCT1 was made in the last 7 years before LCT2 therefore it effects the NRB available. The NRB is now [NRB of this year - cumulative total]"



NRB in the YEAR of the gift [check table]
Tax at 20% if it exceeds the NRB

NB. No taper relief at this stage Valuation issues? [10% discount]

IHT payable on LCTs / PETs at date of death:

1. Transferable NRB?

2. "x dies on DATE. The 7 year period runs from DATE"

3. NRB transferable- transfer the appropriate % proportion not used

4. Work chronologically:


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