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Durham University Notes

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15 yrs

In Business
Abnormal Psychology (2nd year) Notes
57 total pages
1 purchased

These notes cover antisocial personality disorder, borderline person...

Developmental Psychology (2nd year) Notes
40 total pages
2 purchased

Topics include: memory, executive function, adolescence, and antisoc...

Individual Differences (2nd year) Notes
12 total pages
3 purchased

The notes cover interpersonal decisions, prosocial behaviour (romant...

Intro to Biological and Cognitive Psych (1st year) Notes
38 total pages
1 purchased

Topics include: biological psych, perception, animal psych, and cons...

Intro to Psychological Research (1st year) Notes
31 total pages
2 purchased

The notes provide a comprehensive introduction to research methods a...

Intro to Social and Developmental Psych (1st year) Notes
48 total pages
1 purchased

Topics include: social psych, intelligence, developmental psych and ...

Neuropsychology of Memory Notes
63 total pages
7 purchased

These notes aim to provide an understanding of cognitive neuropsycho...

Perception (2nd year) Notes
27 total pages
2 purchased

Topics include: general revision summary, important concepts, visual...

Social Psychology (2nd year) Notes
47 total pages
2 purchased

Topics include: group performance, impressions of individuals, norms...

Statistics (2nd year) Notes
18 total pages
2 purchased

The notes give details on how to select the correct statistical test...

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