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English Notes

Choose from our range of English Notes and revision materials, all prepared by top students during their studies.*

Gender Studies Notes

These are PhD level research notes on gender and visual relations, exploring these areas in terms of both their theoretical dimensions and their bearing on artistic and literary texts. The notes provide summaries of key theories and books / articles

Middle English Notes

For many, Middle English is one of the toughest exams; there's a lot of historical context, a whole new language to learn and so many texts to get your head round!

These middle english notes are designed to provide a detailed encapsulation of the

Renaissance Literature Notes

A unique set of renaissance literature notes that cover the less beaten track of revision and exam topics. By combining unusual texts and less common topics, you have an instant advantage in the exams.

Notes on Poetry and Patronage through the let

Restoration Literature Notes
Shakespeare Notes

A set of notes covering a diverse range of topics for students sitting exams on Shakespeare.

Each set is geared towards the exams and essay writing, providing students with an interesting angle with which to approach essay questions and how to fit

The Romantics Notes
Victorian Literature Notes

Six general essay plans with a series of approaches, critical frameworks, texts and quotations which can be used in any question on the topic areas which frequently appear in examinations on Victorian Literature. Covering: faith and doubt; religion; s

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