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Theology Notes

Choose from our range of Theology Notes and revision materials, all prepared by top students during their studies.*

Christian Ethics (focus on Medical ethics) Notes

Collected notes on four topics in Christian ethics and medical ethics: abortion (6000 words), Luther on Freedom and Love (4500 words), Natural Law, Conscience and Aquinas (12000 words), and euthanasia (8000 words).

Tutorial essays on the above top

Mark's Gospel Notes

These notes helped me get a scholarship in my prelim exams.
Notes are on:
Messianic secret in Mark,
Mark's Christology,
Mark's audience,
Short vs. Long ending,
Parables in Mark,
Miracles in Mark,
The title 'Son of Man',
Redaction Criticism.

Modern Theology Notes

Three sets of notes collected for revision for finals (between 4000 and 7000 words): on Christianity and the world religions, the nature of the trinity and the nature of personhood, and sin and modern theologies.

Tutorial essays on the above topics,

Sociology and Anthropology of Religion Notes

Collected notes on four topics for Finals revision: Emile Durkheim (1500 words), Clifford Geertz (3000 words), defining 'religion' (2500 words), and methodological problems in the study of religion (two files, both around 4000 words although with some

Study of Religion Notes

This is the Study of Religion module from my first year studying Theology at Oxford. The grade I got in this exam enabled me to get a scholarship.
Notes are on:
Social definitions of religion,
The definition

The Gospels of Matthew and John Notes

Collected notes on the Gospel of Matthew (9500 words) and the Gospel of John (8000 words).

Six tutorial essays on Matthew and John (all around 2000-3000 words), all only of a first-year undergraduate standard, but possibly still useful.

Also two f

Theology Notes Bundle Notes

Christian Ethics (focus on Medical ethics), Modern Theology, Sociology and Anthropology of Religion, and The Gospels of Matthew and John

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