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University Of Birmingham Notes

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Contemporary Issues in the UK Economy Notes

Notes based on current news, and lecture slides. Easy to read attained me a first. Notes are titled according to relevant topic.

Economic Development Notes

Notes based on lecture slides and extra reading. Helped me attain a 2.1, and both essays are fully referenced.

Core Book - Economic Development - Todaro & Smith

Economic History of Modern Britain Notes

Lecture by lecture notes of the module. Based on lecture slides provided by the lecturer and Cambridge published The Economic History of Modern Britain.

Simple format, easy to read and revise from.

Financial and Business Systems Notes

Notes based on lecture slides and literature on the reading list. Notes separated between the financial side and the business side.

Including diagrams and extra reading. bullet point format and simple sentences.

Notes useful for revision and le

Gender and Ageing Notes

These notes relate to an MPhil thesis that examines ageing as a gendered phenomenon; specifically, the different standards that are applied to men and women with regard to the ageing process (that is, the association of male ageing with positive trait

Gender Studies Notes

These are PhD level research notes on gender and visual relations, exploring these areas in terms of both their theoretical dimensions and their bearing on artistic and literary texts. The notes provide summaries of key theories and books / articles

Special Relativity Notes

These are summary notes (with examples) covering a module in Einstein's Special Relativity as part of my theoretical physics degree.

Topics include;
-exploration of proper time
-spatial transformations
-lorentz transformations
-velocity transfo

The Economics of Public Expenditure Notes

Notes that helped me attain a first in the exam. Easy to learn and revise from. Based on lecture slides and extra reading from core textbooks:
- Barr N. The Economics of the Welfare State 4th ed. 2004 (Oxford University Press).
- Le Grand J, Proppe

University Of Birmingham Economics Bundle 2014 Notes

Contemporary Issues in the UK Economy, Economic Development, Economic History of Modern Britain, Financial and Business Systems, and The Economics of Public Expenditure

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