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University Of Leeds Notes

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Advanced Microeconomics Notes

These notes provide detailed exam essay structures on various topics within advanced microeconomics such as: general equilibrium; welfare economics and the theory of cost-benefit analysis. Two Notes include the mathematical models of pareto optimality

Economic Development Notes

These module notes focus on drawing comparisons between relevant theories and apply theory to analyse policy and problems in economic development. Module contents revolve around population and development; health & education and development; and civil

Economics of Corporate Strategy Notes

These notes provide detailed exam essay structures on various topics within the use of economic theory and techniques to explain the direction and method of growth and development of the firm; and Organisational structure; and the use of economic theo

Empirical/Contemporary Theories of Economic Growth Notes

The module notes combine economic theory with quantitative methods to examine theories of economic growth and economic fluctuations. It introduces students both the theoretical and empirical developments that have taken place in the economic growth fi

International Trade Notes

This module involves traditional and alternative models of international trade; the determinants of the pattern of trade; the effects of trade on the distribution of income; free trade versus protection; trade in factors of production; and multimation

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