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University Of Leicester Notes

Choose from our range of University Of Leicester Notes and revision materials, all prepared by top students during their studies.*

Cardiology Notes

Complete set of notes on Cardiology. COvering all the main conditions with pathophysiology, presenting symptoms, investigation and management. Includes relevant pharmacology. Clear headings and concise bullet points, including table summaries.

Endocrinology Notes

Complete set of notes on endocrinology. Covering the most common endocrine problems, with the basic science and anatomy along with investigations and management of both chronic disease and acute presentation and crises. Colour-coded per topic and usin

ENT Notes
Gastrointestinal Disease Notes

Complete set of notes on gastrointestinal diseases. Includes aetiology, presentation, investigation and management. Colour-coded including tables, diagrams and images for visual learners. SImple and succinct. Ideal for clinical finals.

General and Vascular Surgery Notes

Complete set of notes covering the most common general and vascular surgical conditions. Includes pathophysiology, presentation, investigation and management. Clinically orientated with examination tips and colour-coded by topic. A great overview - id

Gynaecology Notes

Complete set of notes covering gynaecology. Includes pathophysiology, presenting features, investigation and management. Uses colour coding for different topics and tables and diagrams. Ideal for written or clinical finals

Haematology Notes

Clinically relevant notes covering the main subjects within Haematology including malignancies, anaemias and pre-malignant disorders. Concise but with enough depth to answer SAQs for Finals. I have also included some notes on history and examination o

Neurology Notes

Clinically relevant notes covering a broad spectrum of Neurological conditions. Enough depth for the SAQ papers while still containing clinical information and tips for OSCE examinations. More complex conditions are simplified and every condition link

Oncology Notes

Concise notes on Oncology, including palliative care. These notes cover the most common cancers and all of the oncology emergencies. Very clinically relevant - great for written and practical exams for medical finals. Colour coded by topic including d

Orthopaedics Notes

Summary of the common musculoskeletal conditions including presentation, aetiology, pathogenesis and management. Includes tips for the OSCE. Colour-coded by topic. Includes chronic bone diseases, fractures and fracture healing, infections and malignan

Paediatrics Notes

An overview of the common paediatric conditions - from neonates to developmental delay and all the common childhood-specific illnesses organised by body system. Includes tips on history taking and examination along with investigations and management.

Psychiatry Notes

Clinically-relevant notes for medical finals. Includes all the common psychiatric conditions along with notes on dementia and child psychiatry. Colour coded per topic. Easy to follow and breaks down the main presenting features and treatments (both dr

Renal and Urology Notes

Set of notes covering renal medicine and urology. Includes pathophysiology, presenting features, investigation and management.
Includes acute and chronic conditions as well as disorders of acid/base and electrolyte balance

Respiratory Notes

Complete set of notes covering the respiratory system. Includes pathophysiology, aetiology, presenting symptoms, management and relevant pharmacology. Concise bullet points, colour coded by topic. Includes tables and summary charts. All you need to pa

Rheumatology Notes

Covers the broad spectrum of rheumatological conditions. All topics colour-coded with pictures included. Broken down into presenting features, examination, investigation and management for each complaint. Great for medical finals.

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