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14 yrs

In Business
Critical Security Studies Notes
11 total pages
4 purchased

Looking for DETAILED, CONCISE and CITED notes on Critical Security Stud...

East Asian Transformations (Political Economy) Notes
15 total pages

Region & regional identity; regionalism; regionalization; globalization...

Gender and Development Notes
12 total pages
2 purchased

Gender; Women in Development (WID) approach; social reproduction; Gende...

International Political Economy Notes
13 total pages
2 purchased

Adam Smith; anti-mercantilism; the Invisible Hand; non-interventionism;...

Issues in Political Theory Notes
10 total pages
2 purchased

Robert Nozick; John Rawls; self-ownership; private property; end-state ...

Political Theory From Hobbes Notes
13 total pages
2 purchased

Ontology; epistemology; philosophical approach to political theory; his...

Politics of International Development Notes
13 total pages
2 purchased

Development; post-development; poverty pornography; Orientalism Washing...

Theories of International Relations Notes
27 total pages

Realism; egoism; human nature; international anarchy; self-help; classi...

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