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University Of Warwick Notes

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Critical Security Studies Notes

Looking for DETAILED, CONCISE and CITED notes on Critical Security Studies? To ensure effective revision and exam success, my notes are structured to correspond with past paper questions and possible variations. For trickier concepts like 'performativ

East Asian Transformations (Political Economy) Notes

Region & regional identity; regionalism; regionalization; globalization; New Regionalism; Plaza Accord; Asian Financial Crisis; Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP); Belt & Road Initiative (BRI); China's rise; European Union; the ASEAN W

Gender and Development Notes

Gender; Women in Development (WID) approach; social reproduction; Gender and Development (GAD) approach Waves of feminism; Liberal/Western feminism; feminist standpoint theory; Black feminism; intersectionality; Postmodern/Postcolonial feminism; Hasht

International Political Economy Notes

Adam Smith; anti-mercantilism; the Invisible Hand; non-interventionism; Das Adam Smith Problem; The Theory of Moral Sentiments; anti-colonial liberalism; the marketization of higher education; Brexit David Ricardo; labor theory of value; absolute adva

Issues in Political Theory Notes

Robert Nozick; John Rawls; self-ownership; private property; end-state theory; historical entitlement theory; just distribution of holdings; Wilt Chamberlain example; Locke's Proviso The right to parent one's biological baby; fiduciary model of parent

Political Theory From Hobbes Notes

Ontology; epistemology; philosophical approach to political theory; historical approach to political theory Thomas Hobbes; Leviathan; state of nature; obligation in foro interno; obligation in foro externo; geometric reasoning; totalitarianism; Rousse

Politics of International Development Notes

Development; post-development; poverty pornography; Orientalism Washington Consensus; structural adjustment; market fundamentalism; neo-colonialism; global benchmarking; social reproduction; developmental state; embedded autonomy Sustainable developme

Theories of International Relations Notes

Realism; egoism; human nature; international anarchy; self-help; classical realism vs. neorealism; E. H. Carr; Hans Morgenthau; Kenneth Waltz Alexander Wendt; cultures of anarchy; intersubjectivity; Alter & Ego Geopolitics; End of History; Clash of Ci

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