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Veterinary Medicine Notes

Choose from our range of Veterinary Medicine Notes and revision materials, all prepared by top students during their studies.*

Cardiorespiratory system 1 Notes

Revision notes for cardiorespiratory system module.

Common Bacterial Infections in Chickens - Veterinary Bacteriology Notes

This note is a summary of the common bacterial infections in chickens. It is in table form and contains the names, causative bacteria and description of the diseases, clinical signs, diagnoses, and the prevention, treatment and control of the diseases

Common Bacteria - Veterinary Bacteriology Notes

This is a summary of the lectures regarding the common bacteria of animals. It's in table form for easy viewing.

Disturbances in Circulation - Veterinary Pathology Notes

This note is based on Monlux's Principles of Veterinary Pathology. I've included images for each type of circulatory disturbance to get a better picture of the subject.

Endocrinology and Integument 1 Notes

Revision notes for endocrinology and integument module.

Endocrinology and Integument 2 Notes
Lymphoreticular cell biology 2 Notes
Neuroscience 1 Notes

Revision notes for neuroscience module.

Physical Influences (Injuries) - Veterinary Pathology Notes

The lecture is heavily based on the book the Principles of Veterinary Pathology and that is the book I referred to in making the notes for precision of information. Mostly in note form therefore it is suitable for a quick revision. It covers the physi

Principles of Clinical Veterinary Science Notes
Small Animal Internal Disease - Cardiology Notes

This section of my notes contains the information on Cardiology and Anaemia, and includes;

18. Congenital Heart Diseases
19. Diseases of the Pericardium and Myocardium (Cardiomyopathy)
20. Diseases of the Valves
21. Heart Failure - Compensation

Small Animal Internal Disease - Respiratory Notes

This section of my Small Animal Internal Disease notes covers the respiratory system questions, and includes;

13. Upper Respiratory tract disease - nose, nasal cavity, oropharynx, trachea.
14. Upper respiratory diseases - Brachycephalic Syndrome

Small Animal Internal Disease - Skin Notes

These notes cover the internal disease section of my state final exam. This section (Skin) includes;

1. Skin Diseases - Pyoderma, Pyotraumatic Dermatis, Superficial and Deep Folliculitis, Furunculosis, Pododermatitis.
2. Skin Diseases - Alopetic

Urinary 1 Notes

Revision notes for Urinary module, divided into topic sections.

Veterinary Practical Techniques Notes
Vitamins - Veterinary Biochemistry Notes

This is a compact note in table form with information on the different types of vitamins. It shows the active form, sources, functions and deficiency symptoms of each vitamin.





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