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R v Bryce

[2004] 2 CAR 35

Case summary last updated at 11/01/2020 14:28 by the Oxbridge Notes in-house law team.

Judgement for the case R v Bryce

 D drove X to a campsite where X killed V. At the time of D’s transporting him, X had not made up his mind as to whether to carry out the murder. D contended that his conviction of murder was flawed on the basis that at the time of his act the principal had not fully decided to murder. CA dismissed this. CA ruled that to assist an offence D2 has to intentionally do an act that will help D1 commit an offence that D2 knows or believes there to be a possibility of D1 committing. In order for D2 to escape liability he has to withdraw from the JCV and do something to counteract his earlier assistance. Simple repentance is not enough. 

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