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Campbell v MGN (HL)

[2004] UKHL 22

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Judgement for the case Campbell v MGN (HL)

C, Naomi Campbell, was photographed leaving a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in London. She had previously claimed she was not a drug addict. Mirror published the story; key things published:
1)     fact C was drug addict
2)     fact she attended Narcotics Anonymous meeting
3)     details of how long and often she attended
4)     photos of her leaving the meeting
C sued for breach of confidence. Held:
·       Test for breach of confidence is whether C had reasonable expectation of privacy in respect of disclosed information.
·       Thus no pre-existing relationship of confidence required 
Ø  i.e. obligation of confidence arises where C knows or ought to know there is reasonable expectation information will be kept confidential
·       People are encouraged to attend NA meetings because of their private nature. 
·       Therefore C obviously has reasonable expectation of privacy in relation to meetings. 
·       D was entitled to publish fact that C was drug addict and receiving treatment from NA.
Ø  necessary to correct false impression
·       However C not entitled to publish details of her attendance nor photos of C at same time
Ø  were not necessary in public interest or to add to credibility of story
Ø  were intrusive
–       had been taken covertly

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