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De Maudsley v Palumbo

[1996] FSR 447

Case summary last updated at 02/02/2020 14:17 by the Oxbridge Notes in-house law team.

Judgement for the case De Maudsley v Palumbo

C revealed his idea for a new nightclub to D during a dinner party. Information included that night club would operate all night, have top DJs from UK and worldwide, and would be decorated in a ‘warehouse’ style. D later built Ministry of Sound nightclub, but did not include C. C sued. Held:
·       Is possible for simple ideas to be protected.
·       However nonetheless idea cannot be protected if it is not sufficiently particular and defined 
·       Information imparted by C was too general and lacking in originality.
Ø  i.e. with exception that idea that club would be open all night, none of idea were novel
·       Thus was not confidential.

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