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Negotiation Notes

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NEGOTIATION Prep + planning Client objectives Issues Arguments Concessions + offers Strategy Style

Who? Just lawyers? Number proportionate to cost of case? If clients, possibly arrange separate room to avoid undermining strategy.

Opening / set agenda On each issue Exchange info Put forward arguments Potential offers / concessions

Overall deal Settlement / breakdown (= oral contract, make sure to check terms carefully)

Record settlement

Ethos Why negotiate?

? out of court settlement motivated by fear and flexibility o Fearsmaverick judge - lose a cut and dry case due to judge making unexpected judgmentunexpected turn of events during trial - witness could not performshrinking pie - the longer proceedings are, the more costly it is; the earlier you can settle the more there is to share about

o Flexibilityparties can settle in ways judge would do very slowly

What are we trying to do?

? negotiation is about analysis of risk o can't agree on what happened BUT can agree on what judge likely to make of what may have happened

o insurance salesman analogy; settling for less cf selling insurance against getting even less (or paying more) if case went to trial

o ID risks and price themwhat are the risks of us not winning?what are the risks worth?what should client concede to obviate risk?

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