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Contract: Introduction

- Historical development of contract law. originally: only debt of specific sum enforceable in courts. by 1602: Slade's Case - assumpsit ('he promised') a general form of claim. by end of 18C: general legal framework
? 19C: development - growth in response to social + commercial demands. post-industrial rev: most rapid growth - laissez-faire approach. e.g. Printing & Numerical Registering Co v Sampson [1874-5]: 'contracts, when entered into freely and voluntarily, shall be held sacred and shall be enforced by the Courts of Justice'. today: principle of freedom of contract still, but with more paternalism/interventionism - courts concerned about unequal bargaining power.

- Simple contracts: vast majority (vs. speciality contracts). agreement: reached or deemed to be reached by parties. rights + obligations: arise from agreement. (some contractual relationships - specif ic rules: e.g. employment + consumer contracts).

- Essential elements: 'C.I.A.'.

1. Agreement: consists of clear offer (by offeror) + acceptance (by offeree).

2. Intention to create legal relations + capacity (i.e. must be capable of making a contract).

3. Consideration: anything of value promised to another ? mutual exchange of consideration needed for binding contract.

- Manner of agreement: any possible as long as parties in communication. writing word of mouth inference: from conduct of parties + circumstances of case or: any combination of above.

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