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E&T: Equitable Remedies Identify main case

- C. must show breach of recognisable right / tort (Day v Brownrigg). breach of contract ? SP, IMI, IPI. breach of copyright/confidence ? SO, IPI, Account. unpaid debt/damages ? FO.

Specific Performance

- Definition: court order to carry out positive obligation under contract (final remedy only).

- Test: damages not adequate (Adderley v Dixon). land: contracts to buy/sell or grant estate/interest ? SP. personalty: if unique/rare. NOT ordinary articles of commerce (Cohen v Roche: Hepplewhite chairs). shares if not available on market (Duncuft v Albrecht; Oughtred v IRC + Nevile v Wilson: private cos.) articles of unusual beauty, rarity + distinction (Falcke v Gray: Ming vase; Philips v Lamdin: ornate door; Pusey v Pusey: King Cnut's battle horn). articles of unique value to c. (Behnke v Bede: ship conforming to special German regulations). limited source of supply (Sky Petroleum v VIP: petrol + diesel during OPEC oil crisis). contracts for service: if losses from non-performance not quantifiable - requirements:

1. irreplaceable. Verrall v Great Yarmouth BC: party conference cancelled at last minute ? no alternative. Evans v BBC: party broadcast cancelled ? political loss not quantif iable.

2. sufficiently clearly defined ? workable court order. Ryan v Mutual Tontine Assoc: provide porter 'constantly in attendance' ? no SP (+ supervision). Posner v Scott-Lewis: employ porter for specif ic duties ? SP: specif ic court order + supervision.

3. no ongoing supervision required (Co-Op Insurance v Argyll Stores: cov. to keep shop open ? no SP). contracts for personal service: employees: NO SP (s236 TULR(C)A 1992). contractors: SP rare - policy reasons + equitable principles.

1. not if constant supervision required.

2. not if SP akin to slavery (De Francesco v Barnum: dancing girls). factors: duration, relationship, control, proximity (Giles & Co v Morris).

3. not if defeated by poor performance: equity will not act in vain (Giles & Co v Morris). artistic/judgment ? SP unlikely; technical ? SP more likely (can supervise).

- Defences:

1. clean hands: inc. intent to carry out obs. (Coatsworth v Johnson: d. in breach of cov. to cultivate farm well).

2. unreasonable delay/laches: dep. on facts (Eads v WIlliams)

3. mistake (Tamplin v James).

4. hardship: to d. or 3rd party (Patel v Ali: vendor of house cancer, leg amputated, 2 kids, no English ? no SP).

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