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Ausonius Professors Of Boredaux And Letters Notes

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Ausonius o Who was Ausonius?
? Born 310 AD
? Father settled in Bordeaux as a physician
? Ausonius studies grammar at Bordeaux and eventually becomes a Grammaticus at the Uni of Bordeaux (334 AD)
? in 364 AD after 30 years teaching, he becomes Gratian's tutor. o When Gratian ascends the throne, Ausonius advances quickly in power.
? His family are all appointed as important Roman officials. o But the cushy life stops in 383, when Britain revolts with Maximus ruling supreme. o Theodosius however overthrows Maximus in 388. o Died in 394. o Was definitely a Christian. o Book V: Poems Commemorating the Professors of Bordeaux. o 1: Tiberius Victor Minervius, The Orator
? Credited with making Constantinople as glorious as Rome.
? Praises Minverius' power of speech and the "mock law-suits of our schools".
? He has a great memory, recalling the exact moves of a board game they played.
? A gentle and genuine man: "no malice ever blackened your heart: your tongue, though free and full of wit, indulged only in kindly jests that had no sting". o 2: Latinus Alcimus Alethius, the Rhetorician
? Alcimus was unparalleled in legal eloquence.
? A man of great dignity, brilliance in learning and his biographies of men (Julian and Sallust [the prefect of Gaul and colleague of Julian in the consulate of 363 AD) in particular) with immortalise them too. o 3: Luciolus, the Rhetorician
? Skilled in the rhythms of prose and laws of verse o 4: Attius, Patera, the Elder,. the Rhetorician
? A man of great knowledge, swift and rolling eloquence o 5. Attius Tiro Delphidius, A Rhetorician
? Eloquent, learned, quick in word and wit. o 6: Althius Minervius, Son of the Above, A Rhetorician
? A prodigy who was a teacher at a time when he could be excused for merely learning.
? Died early, with Fortune presenting him with gifts of rhetoric only to be snatched away ? a travesty to all that knew him. o 7: Leontius the Grammarian, Surnamed Lascivus
? A "glad and cheerful soul"

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