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History Notes

Choose from our range of History Notes and revision materials, all prepared by top students during their studies.*

20th Century British psychiatry Notes

Notes on changes in psychiatric institutions during the 20th Century (1920s-1990s).

Age of Empire 1800-1914 Notes

Detailed notes regarding aspects of imperialism throughout the 19th century specifically with a small amount of crossover into the 20th. Historiographical analysis is provided with each topic.

Detailed topics:

'Old' vs 'New' imperialism (provide

American History - 1863-1975 Notes

American history following the Civil War. Includes: Progressivism, Populism, the New Deal, Cold War, Vietnam, and Civil Rights.

Approaches to History Notes

These notes provide comprehensive cover of the Approaches to History topics of Gender and Sociology. They were the sole resource that I used for my preliminary examination revision, in which I achieved a mark of 67%. They include a wealth of examples

Augustine and the Last Days of Rome: 370-450 Notes

A comprehensive, yet concise, set of notes on all the major sources and texts relating to the Roman Empire in the age of Augustine of Hippo.

The notes have commentary of all the set texts in excellent detail. These include the works of Augustine,

Austria, 1848 - 1914 Notes

Bullet point notes covering the politics, economy, culture, and above all national identity of Austria and its peoples in the nineteenth century. Quotes, timelines, charts, graphs, paintings and illustrations cover the rise and fall of individual mini

British and French History(1689 - Present) Notes

This module charts both the hostile and co-operative relationship between Britain and France from the Glorious Revolution to the present day. Topics are diverse and range from the imperial rivalry of the eighteenth century to the Entente Cordiale of

British Economic History - 1840-1964 Notes

Study of Britain's economic performance in comparative context with the US, Germany, and France, with particular reference to quantitative data.

British Foreign Policy, 1815 - 1924 Notes

Extremely detailed notes covering over a century of British foreign policy, complete with illustrations, quotes, and timelines. As well as a blow-by-blow account of party politics and the rise and fall of individual ministers, it considers the theorie

British History, 1485-1649 Notes

Revision notes for Mary I. These notes were tailored for the British History, 1485-1649 module taught by Royal Holloway, New College of the Humanities and the University of London International Programme. They contain historiography, and cover Mary’s

British History - 1832-1911 Notes

Notes on British political history post-1832 Reform Act.

British History, 400-1088AD Notes

These essays range from the transition from Roman colony to Anglo-Saxon Britain, exploring the coming of Christianity, the nature of kingship, the period's relationship with literature (e.g. Beowulf), the reign of King Alfred the Great, and the later

British History IV (1500-1700) Notes

These notes focus on the Civil War, popular politics, the Early Reformation and politics and religion in the post-Restoration period.

British History VI: 1815-1924 Notes

A thorough, yet easy-to-read, body of notes for 19th Century British History. Particular emphasis is on Gladstone and the Liberal Party, the British Empire, Class and Gender History.

This pack is filled with interesting and little-known historical

British History VII (Since 1900) Notes

Comprehensive revision notes covering culture, Thatcherism, interwar politics and multiculturalism.

British Liberalism, 1815 - 1918 Notes

Bullet point notes on Whiggery and Liberalism from Grey to Lloyd George. Charting the electoral fortunes, philosophy, and government policies of the party, including differences across England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. Everything from personaliti

Conquest and Colonisation: Spain and America Notes

These notes are for the module 'Conquest and Colonisation' of the Americas by Spain in the 15th and 16th centuries. They cover areas such as religion and conversion, as well as the justification of the conquest and changing views regarding the rights

Contemporary History of the Middle East 1914-1982 Notes

Historiographical analysis provided with each individual subject

Detailed notes on major events throughout the 20th century of the middle East, beginning with the immediate situation in the region after the First World War and ending roughly around

Crime and Punishment in England c.1280-c.1450 Notes

These notes contain all the work that I did during the term on the Oxford University module: Crime and Punishment in England c.1280-c.1450.

They include extremely detailed notes on the 6 topics of the course:
The aims of punishment

Culture and Society in Early Renaissance Italy: 1290-1348 Notes

A thorough, easy to read set of notes on the Early Italian Renaissance. Emphasis is on Petrarch, the Medieval Papacy, Giotto, the Renaissance art movement and the historical works of Dino Compagni and Giovanni Villani.

The notes feature analysis o

Disciplines of History - Comparative History Notes

Notes catering for the Comparative History section of the Disciplines paper - focusing on masculinity, sexuality and nationalism.

Disciplines of History: Comparative History & Historical Argument Notes

These notes contain all the work that I did on the Oxford University module: Disciplines of History.

The module was intended to teach students about drawing historical comparisons and making historical arguments.

There are extremely detailed not

Disciplines of History - Making Historical Arguments Notes

Includes notes on gender, literature in History and structuralism.

Economic Approach to History Notes

The economic approach to history gained popularity in the early 20th century under the influence of Karl Marx, and remained popular until the 1980s, with many notable historians even now. Economics and demography are now an inescapable element of hist

Empire and Nation: Britain and India Since 1750 Notes

History of the subcontinent, from the arrival of the East India Company and the demise of the early Mughal Empire upto post-1947 trajectories of India and Pakistan. Notes include reading summaries, essay plans etc

Empires and World History (c. 1400-1900) Notes

A range of essays written for Part I Paper 21 (Empires and World History from the Fifteenth Century to the First World War).

Each essay is around 3000 worlds and includes a bibliography.

Topics covered include:

- the Portuguese empire;
- the

European History 19th century Notes

European history in the 19th century in the realms of industry, education, nationalism and more. Detailed notes which compare the different countries and give ample ideas which can be applied to many of the essays which could be faced

France, 1851 - 1914 Notes

Rigorous bullet point notes focusing on the Second Empire, but covering the Third Republic, the Commune, and the decline of the Second Republic. Complete with illustrations, quotes, maps, and timelines, they record the politics, society, economics, cu

Further Subject: Comparative History of WWI (1914-19) Notes

A concise collection on notes relating to the FHS World War One Further Subject, but that could be used in conjunction with BH VII or GH XIII. Focuses on the experiences of women in war, memory, identity and morale, literature and art and cinema.

General History III: 1400-1650 Renaissance, Recovery and Reform Notes

These are all my revision notes for the Oxford University module: General History III: 1400-1650 Renaissance, Recovery and Reform.

They include 34 pages of essay plans on the following topics:
Economic Growth and Social Change
Dutch and Spanish E

General History III: 1400–1650 (Renaissance, Recovery and Reform) Notes

These notes provide comprehensive cover of the General III Preliminary paper. They were the sole resource that I used for my preliminary examination revision, in which I achieved a mark of 69%. They include a wealth of specific and detailed examples s

General History VIII: 1500 - 1618 Notes

A comprehensive, yet easy to read set of notes for the period of European history: 1500-1618. Particular emphasis here is on Calvinism, the French Wars of Religion, the Dutch Revolt and the Ottoman Empire.

The Ottoman Empire section is particularl

General History X: Europe 1715-99 Notes

These notes contain all the work that I did during the term on the Oxford University module: General History X: 1715-99.

They include extremely detailed notes on these topics:
The Enlightenment
Ancien Regime France
The French Revolution and the

General World History 1815-1914 Notes

The developements in this period dictated the makeup of the modern world to a dramatic extent. European imperialism, the Industrial Revolution, the spread of democracy and the rise of the independant woman are major themes. These coincided with the st

History of Political Thought c.1890-present Notes

Collection of essays prepared for the History or Social and Political Sciences Tripos Part IIat the University of Cambridge. The essays mostly to focus on the political theory developed by particular influential thinkers. Some of the essays also dis

History of the British Isles II: 1042-1330 Notes

These notes contain all the work that I did during the term on the Oxford University module: History of the British Isles II: 1042-1330.

They include extremely detailed notes on these topics:
The Norman Conquest
The Anarchy and Stephen's reign

History of the British Isles II: 1042-1330 Notes

These notes offer comprehensive cover of a breadth of topics relevant to the British History II (1042-1330) paper. The topics are designed in order to fit a wide range of tutorial foci, and are organised under the following headings:
'The Norman Conq

History of the British Isles IV: 1500-1700 Notes

These are all my revision notes for the Oxford University module: History of the British Isles IV: 1500-1700

They include 44 pages of essay plans, a detailed timeline and detailed evidence for the following topics:
Economic Change

History of the British Isles V: 1685–1830 Notes

These notes provide comprehensive cover of the Brit V preliminary paper. They were the sole resource that I used for my prelim revision, in which I achieved a mark of 64%. They include a wealth of rich and detailed examples, as well as discussion of h

IB Extended Essay on Nazi Germany (Third Reich) : German Youth Notes

This is a sample of an IB extended essay in History which received an A.

The title of this investigation is :
"To what extent did German youth conform to Nazi youth policies between 1933 to 1945?"

If you would like more information about an Ex

IB Internal Assessment Sample Notes

IB History Internal Assessment (IA)

What is it?
A historical investigation consisting of a written account of between 1,500 and
2,000 words, divided into six sections: a plan of the investigation, a summary
of evidence, an evaluation of sourc

Immigration in post-war Britain Notes
Imperialism Notes

These notes tackle the concept of imperialism - what is an empire, how have historians explained them, why do they rise, stagnate, and fall. As well as comparing how great imperial thinkers - Marx, Hobhouse, Schumpeter and many others - have written a

Intellect and Culture in Victorian Britain Notes

These notes contain all the work that I did during the term on the Oxford University module: Intellect and Culture in Victorian Britain.

They include extremely detailed notes on these topics:
University Reform
Whig History
Art and Aesthetics -

International History Since 1890 Notes

Notes, essay plans and reading summaries on
*Stalin's Foreign Policy
*The Versailles Treaty (Class Presentation)
*Japan and the Pacific War
*Origins of the Cold War
*End of the Cold War

Ireland, 1789 - 1922 Notes

Exhaustive notes covering all aspects of Irish society in the long nineteenth century. As well as charting the development of Irish nationalism and unionism, it records the policies of individual British governments, the fate of the Irish economy, and

Japan, 1850 - 1914 Notes

Bullet point notes looking in great detail at the development of modern Japan. From the collapse of the closed feudal state to the expansionist empire-builder, it notes the transformation of a country, and the controversial imposition of western cultu

Luther and the German Reformation Notes

These notes contain all the work that I did during the term on the Oxford University module: Luther and the German Reformation.

They include extremely detailed notes on Luther's writings in relation to the following topics:
The 95 Theses and the E

Medieval History Notes

Notes detailing the causes of the war alongside two sections detailing the aims of the English and why they felt justified in invading France. Scrupulous section regarding the superiority of the English tactics and important victories followed by a se

Military Logistics, 1550 - 1815 Notes

The essentials of manning, feeding, training, transporting, and keeping an army alive in the field throughout the early modern period. Covering key sources from the time, as well as historical theories and the nuts and bolts of individual campaigns, e

Modern Mexico & the Drug Trade Notes

Summaries of secondary literature on the drug trade and state-formation in the 20th and 21st Centuries.

Nationalism Notes

Brief notes on the concept of nationalism and the idea of a national history.

Optional 8: Witch-craft and Witch-hunting in early modern Europe Notes

These notes provide comprehensive cover of the Optional Subject 8 paper on Witch-craft and Witch-hunting in Early Modern Europe. They were the sole resource that I used for my preliminary examination revision, in which I was predicted a high 2:1 or 1s

Origins and Developments of Authoritarian and Single party states Notes
Reformation to Revolution 1517-1789 Notes

Extremely useful alongside the "magic and witchcraft" notes as they compliment each other. These notes detail the various ways in which religious pluralism and the development of centralised state affected toleration and persecution and different exam

Revolutions Notes

Complete bullet-point notes on the historical approach to revolutions - what they are, how they form, why they fail or succeed. The theoretical approach is balanced with an examination of five separate revolutions - France in 1789, Europe in 1848, Jap

Roads to Modernity 1789-1945 Notes

Notes outlining the multiple peace settlements after WW1 and their weaknesses. Sections detailing aggression of what would later become the axis powers and the responses of other European countries alongside very detailed notes on the policy of appeas

Roman Imperial History Notes

A range of essays written for Part I Paper 13 (European History 31BC-900AD) of the Cambridge History Tripos. The essays provided focus on the early part of the paper: the Roman Principate.

These essays would provide a good introduction to anyone stud

Russia, 1850 - 1914 Notes

From the Emancipation of the Serfs to the 1905 Revolution, all aspects of Russian politics, society, culture, foreign policy, and economics are covered in these bullet-point notes. Including not only metropolitan Russia, but also Belarus, Finland, Pol

Slavery and Abolition Notes

Notes on different historical explanations for the abolition of slavery.

The Anthropological Approach to History Notes

These essays cover various anthropological theories and assess their utility to historians, comparing anthropological and historical examples. The condensed notes were the basis of my revision, allowing me to achieve 72 (with a 75 on one question). I

The British Empire, 1800 - 1914 Notes

Every aspect of the British Empire - its politics, its armies, its culture, its economy, its structure, and the seeds of its undoing - are covered in the period. As well as noting the development of individual colonies, these notes consider the domest

The Law and Warfare, 1618 - 1815 Notes

An account of the development of international law in the early modern period, noting the concept of the civilian, just war, the law at sea, military intervention, and the interplay between the Military Revolution and law. In-depth analysis is provide

The Military Revolution and Military Tactics, 1550 - 1815 Notes

The structure, art, and development of warfare in the early modern period. Focusing mainly on Britain and France, but including developments from Sweden, Holland, much of Europe and the European empires, these bullet point notes include tactics, strat

The Rise of Modern China 1842-1949 Notes

Detailed topics included:

Internal problems and the fall of the Qing dynasty, Republican Culture, Life under the Treaty Port system, Rural China, the Nanjing Decade, the Sino-Japanese war years 1937-45 and the Chinese Civil War Years

After each

The South African War (Second Boer War) 1899-1902 Notes

These notes correspond to a second year undergraduate History unit on The South African War 1899-1902.

The notes covered are:
- Chamberlain, Milner, and the British Politicians
- Cecil Rhodes and the Jameson Raid
- Causes of the War
- Black and

The Spanish Conquest and Colonisation of the New World Notes

These essays examine major sources behind the history of the Spanish conquest and colonisation of Mexico (Aztec), the Yucatan Peninsula (Maya) and Peru (Inca). In doing so they explore varous themes, including source criticism, European views of the '

The Warfare of the French Revolution Notes

Bullet point notes recording the effect of the French Revolution on European warfare on land and at sea. With particular emphasis on a number of written and visual sources from the period, it records the changes in tactics, military philosophy, and th

Transnationalism Notes

Brief notes looking at the development of global, international, and transnational history.

War at Sea, 1550 - 1815 Notes

Focusing primarily on the French and British navies, these notes deal with the manning, tactics, strategy, logistics, and popular culture of warfare in the age of sail. Complete with quotes, timelines, and analysis of key sources from the period.

Witch-craft and witch-hunting in Early Modern Europe (OS8) Notes

Detialed revision notes and essay points on necromancy and folk beliefs, gender and social factors (age, economic status etc...), demonic possession, possible exam questions and notes on the set texts. Also included is tutorial essays on children and

World Imperialism, 1850 - 1914 Notes

Exhaustive notes on every major, and almost every minor, empire of the nineteenth century. Though starting in 1850, they record the background - sometimes as far back as the eighteenth century - as well as the development, extent, rule, and domestic r

History Bundle Notes

British History, 400-1088AD, Economic Approach to History, General World History 1815-1914, The Anthropological Approach to History, and The Spanish Conquest and Colonisation of the New World

University Of Nottingham History Bundle 2015 Notes

Age of Empire 1800-1914, Contemporary History of the Middle East 1914-1982, Medieval History, Reformation to Revolution 1517-1789, Roads to Modernity 1789-1945, and The Rise of Modern China 1842-1949





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