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Roads to Modernity 1789-1945 Notes

Roads to Modernity 1789-1945 Notes

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Notes outlining the multiple peace settlements after WW1 and their weaknesses. Sections detailing aggression of what would later become the axis powers and the responses of other European countries alongside very detailed notes on the policy of appeasement and the events preceding the outbreak of war.

Includes a definition of what 'New Imperialism' is, notes on British imperialism, the social implications of imperialism and detailed historiographical interpretations including major theories surrounding 19th century imperialism including 'gentlemanly capitalism', the 'white mans burden' and a list of benefits to British imperialism.

Yearly analysis from 1915 - 18 and also sections focused solely on the impact in specific countries throughout the war. Not only focused on battles like Verdun, the Marne and the Somme, but also on the social impact of the First World War in Britain and the importance of the war effort in respective countries as well as on the front lines

Notes including two extremely detailed timelines regarding the unification of Italy and Germany respectively, both of which are followed by notes concerning the strength of new nations. Also contains sections on earlier examples of nationalism throughout Europe.

Detailed notes analysing 19th century events in East Asia leading in three major countries: China, Korea and Japan. Includes notes on the Opium wars, unequal treaties, the treaty port system, and the reactions/consequences of/for the East Asian countries being imposed on.
Notes on the emergence of Fascism in post-war Europe and details into what fascism actually is. Comparison of fascism and Nazism alongside different examples of fascist governments throughout post-WW1 Europe.

Historiographical analysis provided with all of the above.

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