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Age of Empire 1800-1914 Notes

Detailed notes regarding aspects of imperialism throughout the 19th century specifically with a small amount of crossover into the 20th. Historiographical analysis is provided with each topic.

Detailed topics:

'Old' vs 'New' imperialism (provide

Cardiorespiratory system 1 Notes

Revision notes for cardiorespiratory system module.

Cardiovascular system Notes

Medical finals notes covering the Cardiovascular System
Concise but comprehensive. Includes up-to-date information, simple layout with images and diagrams

Acute coronary syndromes (STEMI, NSTEMI, Unstable angina)
Ischaemic heart diseas

Contemporary History of the Middle East 1914-1982 Notes

Historiographical analysis provided with each individual subject

Detailed notes on major events throughout the 20th century of the middle East, beginning with the immediate situation in the region after the First World War and ending roughly around

Dermatology Notes

Undergraduate Medicine Degree. Year 4 Dermatology module
- Melanocytic and non-melanocytic lesions
- Leg ulceration
- Eczema
- Skin manifestations of systemic disease
- Bacterial + viral infections
- Psoriasis
- Acne
- Fungi and i

Endocrinology and Integument 1 Notes

Revision notes for endocrinology and integument module.

Endocrinology and Integument 2 Notes
Lymphoreticular cell biology 2 Notes
Medieval History Notes

Notes detailing the causes of the war alongside two sections detailing the aims of the English and why they felt justified in invading France. Scrupulous section regarding the superiority of the English tactics and important victories followed by a se

Neuroscience 1 Notes

Revision notes for neuroscience module.

Paediatrics Notes

Paediatric notes based upon current NICE guidance, The Illustrated Textbook of Paediatrics by Lissauer and Clayden in conjunction with the Oxford Handbook of Paediatrics

Principles of Clinical Veterinary Science Notes
Reformation to Revolution 1517-1789 Notes

Extremely useful alongside the "magic and witchcraft" notes as they compliment each other. These notes detail the various ways in which religious pluralism and the development of centralised state affected toleration and persecution and different exam

Roads to Modernity 1789-1945 Notes

Notes outlining the multiple peace settlements after WW1 and their weaknesses. Sections detailing aggression of what would later become the axis powers and the responses of other European countries alongside very detailed notes on the policy of appeas

The Rise of Modern China 1842-1949 Notes

Detailed topics included:

Internal problems and the fall of the Qing dynasty, Republican Culture, Life under the Treaty Port system, Rural China, the Nanjing Decade, the Sino-Japanese war years 1937-45 and the Chinese Civil War Years

After each

Urinary 1 Notes

Revision notes for Urinary module, divided into topic sections.

Veterinary Practical Techniques Notes
University Of Nottingham History Bundle 2015 Notes

Age of Empire 1800-1914, Contemporary History of the Middle East 1914-1982, Medieval History, Reformation to Revolution 1517-1789, Roads to Modernity 1789-1945, and The Rise of Modern China 1842-1949

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