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Philosophy Notes

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Philosophy Notes Bundle Notes
199 total pages
20 purchased

Aesthetics, Epistemology and Metaphysics, History of Philosophy, and Ph...

Aesthetics Notes
55 total pages
38 purchased

Collected notes on Aristotle and Plato, Hume's Standard of Taste, Inten...

Early Modern Philosophy Notes
63 total pages
21 purchased

Notes made for the Early Modern Philosophy (previously Descartes to Kan...

Epistemology and Metaphysics Notes
58 total pages
37 purchased

Collected notes on four topics in epistemology and metaphysics (between...

Ethics Notes
99 total pages
54 purchased

Notes made for the Ethics paper at the University of Oxford.

Each se...

Ethics Notes
27 total pages
12 purchased

Five undergraduate essays on topics from the Ethics module of Part 1A o...

Ethics Essays
35 total pages
28 purchased

A collection of Cambridge Undergraduate essays, on Ethics, addressing t...

History of Philosophy Notes
46 total pages
37 purchased

Three sets of collected notes on Descartes, Hume, and Locke and Berkele...

Hume Notes
12 total pages
4 purchased

Two essays on Hume's 'Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion'. From the ...

Logic and Language Notes
44 total pages
10 purchased

Four undergraduate essays from the Logic and Language module of Part 1A...

Metaphysics Notes
46 total pages
10 purchased

6 undergraduate essays and one essay plan in the Metaphysics module of ...

Metaphysics Notes
30 total pages
5 purchased

A collection of Cambridge Undergraduate essays, on Metaphysics, address...

Philosophy of Mathematics Notes
53 total pages
6 purchased

Notes made for the Philosophy of Mathematics paper at the University of...

Philosophy of Religion Notes
40 total pages
38 purchased

Four topics covered in greater depth/accuracy: teleological and ontolog...

Plato Notes
15 total pages
8 purchased

Three essays on Plato's 'Meno'. From the set texts module of Part 1A of...

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